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    Yappy Fri-Yay, everyone! For the first time in the history of my site…I’m taking over and sharing what a day in my life is like! I’ve been trying to convince mom that it’s a good idea for a long time, but when Bartley’s for Dogs wanted me to help sponsor rescue dogs in need, she finally caved! Because I’m so cute, Bartley (my new boyfriend) decided I could give all my readers 20% off when they use the code “PAYTON” and I can’t wait to hear which treats are your favorite!!

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    How To Master the Business Handshake

    handshake, business, how to master business handshake, career, Katharine Lindsay, Chicago, Paytington

    Over the Fourth of July weekend, my family and I enjoyed dinner at Cannova’s one of our favorite restaurants in Galena. It’s a traditional Italian pizzeria with the most amazing homemade red sauce I’ve EVER had–I highly recommend it. And, like any dinner held with good company, we got into several super interesting discussions–one of which was about “how to properly give someone a handshake.” Each of us had our own handshake horror stories and each of us had a different approach to initiating handshakes in a business setting, which got me thinking…what is the most appropriate way to initiate a handshake?

    After doing a bit of research, I’ve compiled these 6 tips to make initial greetings and handshakes as natural as possible.

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    George the Salon: The Sleek Serena

    George the Salon, Chicago, Hairstyle, Gold Coast, Serena VDW, Blake Lively, Katharine Lindsay, Paytington, ponytail, fall 2015

    If you’ve read my post on 8 things every happy woman should have, you know I’ve found both my hairstylist and colorist at George the Salon. Since my first experience dying my hair as a young adult living in Chicago went horrible wrong (my “blonde” was more “green/yellow”), I made sure to do ample research before letting another salon near my locks. George the Salon came highly recommended by a friend and, after being blown away during my first visit, I’ve been going to see them ever since. Though I’m not terribly adventurous when it comes to cut and color, I do love switching up my style each season and I’m so excited to announce my partnership with George the Salon this fall!

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    Classic Summer

    summer, classic summer, summer style, wicker basket, market bag, French, preppy, Chicago, Katharine Lindsay, Paytington

    Shirt: J. Crew // Shorts: J. Crew (on sale!) // Sandals: J. Crew (similar here) // Bag: Vintage (similar here)

    You guys, I felt it yesterday morning; I was on my way to morning yoga and the air no longer felt like summer air…it was chilly. As depressing as the departure of summer weather is, I am looking forward to curling up in a baggy sweater and going apple picking, but not before I over-indulge in summer style and activities. This past weekend, I went to brunch with Ashley and then took a tour through the farmer’s market on the way home. There is nothing quite like filling a French Market Basket with delicious produce and homemade bread and my walk to-and-from the Green City Market is one of my favorite things about warm weather. This classic summer look is one of my go-to’s and, when the shorts go away, I’m sure seasonal interpretations of this outfit will still work their way into my wardrobe.

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