Payton and Pepper, Personal / 22.07.2016

Pepper became a member of our tight-knit family last December. Dan and I were laying in bed watching re-runs of Good Eats (who else misses that show??) and Payton was splayed out on the floor eating a bully stick when I received a Facebook notification from a friend I haven’t talked to in quite some time. I was curious and immediately opened the notification to find a few pictures of a VERY skinny dachshund.
Style, Trends / 25.07.2016

Dan and I are in "saving mode" right now, which means we only go out to eat once or twice a month and keep a close eye on non-necessity spending (read: hey, Katharine, you probably shouldn’t shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale). However, it’s rare that Nordstrom has a sale this epic and since we pitched/donated 75% of our closet during spring cleaning this year, I’m in desperate need of an update. Here’s how I’ll be navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on a Budget: STOCK UP ON BEAUTY ESSENTIALS As I mentioned in my Summer Skincare Routine post, I tend to...

Food and Drink, Travel / 20.07.2016

Since living downtown, Dan and I have probably been to hundreds of restaurants and we’ve come to truly appreciate a fantastic dining experience, one that goes above and beyond serving good food. But because Dan and I are currently in a “savings mindset,” we limit ourselves to dining out just once or twice a month, so when we do go out, we try and make it count. I had been reading and hearing fantastic things about Maple & Ash, Chicago’s new Gold Coast steakhouse and consequently made a reservation 4 weeks in advance, which was necessary to avoid eating at...

Beauty, Style / 14.07.2016

Well, hello! I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since I've published a post on Paytington (what?!); real life caught up with me and my passion project fell behind the couch -- or, more accurately, got shoved wayyy under the take-out menus in that lonely kitchen drawer no one opens. Anyways, I've missed it SO MUCH and have decided to slowly bring it back to life with weekly posts and updates on life. What would you like to hear about? Life? New recipes? SEO? Let me know!
Uncategorized / 25.11.2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Since I was a little girl, my family and I have traveled to Galena, IL and rented a house over the holiday-- the main objective, of course, was to eat, drink and be merry. Because of our extended European vacation in October and my sister's study abroad program this semester, we are staying in Chicago for Thanksgiving and splitting the time between both my family and Dan's. In addition to over-seeing a few apartment upgrades this morning, I'll be cooking my great-grandmother's stuffing recipe and baking a double batch of my "famous" pumpkin bread.  I hope you have a fantastic holiday spent with family and friends!
Personal, Series / 03.11.2015

While we were on vacation, Dan and I celebrated our five year anniversary together. It seems strange that it's been five years since we've been "officially" dating (and three years since we've moved in together...what?!), but I honestly can't remember what it was like to NOT talk to him. We met about 12 years ago and nothing has been the same since. Our living together Q&A post did so well that I figured I'd do another to mark our five-year anniversary. We each answered the following questions separately: