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The Breakfast in Bed segment came to me a few months ago while we were having breakfast in bed–a rare, rare occurrence—and while we were enjoying the slow-paced morning I thought about why I didn’t do it more often. The reason was silly and almost non-existent; I thought because it was a lot of work, and kind of a production to put together the tray, it wasn’t worth it, but that’s simply not true! It was so nice to sit back, relax, watch a silly show in bed and enjoy the weekend. Relaxing for 30 more minutes didn’t make me forget about all of the monotonous tasks that come with weekends (like cleaning, errands, and laundry), it actually made me more willing to do them! This, in essence, is what Paytington & Co. is all about. I want to embrace the ordinary while making each day feel luxurious. Having breakfast is a normal activity, but going that extra mile and putting together a nice breakfast tray makes it feel like a luxury. Moving forward, every other Saturday I will feature this segment with a breakfast recipe, a drink and some food for thought. I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

We made this apple cinnamon scone recipe and enjoyed a strong French-pressed coffee using Intelligentsia’s Streeterville blend, which was a wickedly good combination (Adele Dazeem). In addition to watching John Travolta’s embarrassingly funny name mishap, I found this TED talks video on love and how we are doing it wrong.

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