Entertaining, Life / 27.07.2016

Even though I’ve never thought of myself as a social person, since Dan and I moved downtown we’ve found ourselves entertaining regularly. Whether it’s casual DIY pizzas and beer while watching HBO’s latest episode or our Annual Summer Lobster Boil, we’ve become quite experienced hosts. Because summer is far from over (I won’t admit it’s gone until the leaves turn), I’ve pulled together a list of ways you can take outdoor parties to the next level: Send an invitation. This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many times we’ve seen a text message serve as the...

Entertaining, Series / 20.03.2015

pillow-talk-12 Today I'm talking about the 25 best tv shows I've ever seen and it's no secret that I love to indulge in a good television show (seen here and here); something about escaping into another world, particularly on a rough day, makes me appreciate what I have and sometimes all I need is a good laugh, or cry, to snap out of a funk. In no particular order, my 25 favorite tv shows are: 
Entertaining, Life / 25.02.2015

  Is anyone else just dying for spring to get here? I'm not sure how we did this for 8 months last year because the three months of freezing winter we've been dealt this year are enough to get me stir crazy. Instead of dreaming of spring, I'm acting like it's already here and over-turning my apartment starting with my coffee table. During the winter my coffee table becomes a stock pile of mail, coats and other random bags but I'm saying no more. These eight items, especially this sweet, squirrel match strike and chic tic-tac-toe game (which I've already purchased) are small changes that make a HUGE difference. Now, I don't want to crowd my little trinket-filled piece of spring and , in an effort to keep it a happy, spring-inspired place, I opt to hang up my coat instead of fling it somewhere random.