Food and Drink, Travel / 20.07.2016

Since living downtown, Dan and I have probably been to hundreds of restaurants and we’ve come to truly appreciate a fantastic dining experience, one that goes above and beyond serving good food. But because Dan and I are currently in a “savings mindset,” we limit ourselves to dining out just once or twice a month, so when we do go out, we try and make it count. I had been reading and hearing fantastic things about Maple & Ash, Chicago’s new Gold Coast steakhouse and consequently made a reservation 4 weeks in advance, which was necessary to avoid eating at...

Food and Drink, Travel / 02.09.2015

About a month ago, my girlfriend, Lauren, and I went to Dolce Italian for a late lunch/early happy hour situation and were blown away by the delicious food! I hadn't been to the Godfrey prior to our lunch and the restaurant's vibe was so unique; it reminded me of a modern Mad-Men set by combining steel elements and orange accents; not what I typically think of when I go to an Italian restaurant but I loved it!
Food and Drink, Travel / 11.08.2015

My parents have been splitting their time between the suburbs and downtown Chicago for about a year now and, in that time, I've come to absolutely adore Filini Chicago--which is located in the lobby of their building. In fact, the day Dan and I helped them move in, they treated us to dinner at Filini as a thank you and I have not been able to resist a chance to dine there ever since. So, when Ashley asked me to join her a couple weeks ago, I said, "of course!" while a massive grin spread across my face (no lie).