Beauty, Style / 14.07.2016

Well, hello! I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since I've published a post on Paytington (what?!); real life caught up with me and my passion project fell behind the couch -- or, more accurately, got shoved wayyy under the take-out menus in that lonely kitchen drawer no one opens. Anyways, I've missed it SO MUCH and have decided to slowly bring it back to life with weekly posts and updates on life. What would you like to hear about? Life? New recipes? SEO? Let me know!
Beauty / 26.08.2015

If you've read my post on 8 things every happy woman should have, you know I've found both my hairstylist and colorist at George the Salon. Since my first experience dying my hair as a young adult living in Chicago went horrible wrong (my "blonde" was more "green/yellow"), I made sure to do ample research before letting another salon near my locks. George the Salon came highly recommended by a friend and, after being blown away during my first visit, I've been going to see them ever since. Though I'm not terribly adventurous when it comes to cut and color, I do love switching up my style each season and I'm so excited to announce my partnership with George the Salon this fall!