一个摩洛哥, the University of New England’s Tangier Campus, is a one-of-a-kind facility — and the first American university campus to be established in 摩洛哥. Aiming to build connections between citizens of the U.S., 摩洛哥, 欧洲及其他地区, 一个摩洛哥 offers both enriching global education opportunities and cultural initiatives designed to foster international understanding.


There is no better place for ag凯发平台 to be than in the world-renowned city of Tangier. This glimmering "white city" has been home to an international contingent of artists and writers. A port city with influences from all around the world, Tangier is one of the major cultural, economic and political hubs of the region, serving as a nexus for new ideas and cross-cultural dialogue.


ag凯发平台’s state-of-the-art Tangier Campus, situated in the heart of the city, consists of two buildings and a sports court. Our Academic Building houses cutting-edge labs and classrooms, office space and a modern auditorium, while our Residential Building includes spacious, well-appointed rooms, fitness and studio space, and an elegant cafeteria. Both buildings reflect 摩洛哥’s famous architectural style and are designed to meet the high modern standards of similar educational facilities. 


Take a 虚拟之旅



Avenue Abi Chouaib Doukkali, Tangier 90100, 摩洛哥 | 得到方向


一个摩洛哥 hosts semester-long global education programs, the Tangier 全球 Forum lecture series, and other significant educational and cultural projects benefiting both U.S. students and the Moroccan community. Through this exchange of ideas, 历史, language and culture we seek to build global connections to create a better world for all.


摩尔人的潮汐 showcases the writing of University of New England students and their incredible experiences while studying abroad in 摩洛哥, 西班牙, 这个地区.


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