Style / 25.08.2015

Shirt: J. Crew // Shorts: J. Crew (on sale!) // Sandals: J. Crew (similar here) // Bag: Vintage (similar here)

You guys, I felt it yesterday morning; I was on my way to morning yoga and the air no longer felt like summer was chilly. As depressing as the departure of summer weather is, I am looking forward to curling up in a baggy sweater and going apple picking, but not before I over-indulge in summer style and activities. This past weekend, I went to brunch with Ashley and then took a tour through the farmer's market on the way home. There is nothing quite like filling a French Market Basket with delicious produce and homemade bread and my walk to-and-from the Green City Market is one of my favorite things about warm weather. This classic summer look is one of my go-to's and, when the shorts go away, I'm sure seasonal interpretations of this outfit will still work their way into my wardrobe.
Personal / 21.08.2015

Last night, Dan and I re-watched "Wet Hot American Summer" to prepare for when we inevitably binge-watch the new episodes some time in the next week. Every time I think about camp, watch movies about camp or even dream about camp...I wish I could abandon adult life and go back. Not only do I ABSOLUTELY plan on going to family camp next summer, I plan on dragging Dan with me because he was NEVER a sleep-away camper! Blasphemous! If only everyone could experience their boss going on a lion hunt twice a week, smelling like bug spray for 3 months and re-racking row boats twice a day, which are all HIGHLIGHTS and badges of honor only fellow campers will understand. To pay homage to my fellow 31401-ers and also participate in an epic are a few snapshots from one of my favorite places on earth: 
Business / 20.08.2015

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Personal / 19.08.2015

Sometimes it's just easier to answer people and say that you're fine. You don't want to delve into your issues and people who ask are hoping you don't. I've kept no secrets on this site when it comes to my anxiety/depression (seen here and here) and I have to say, I'm feeling it this month, guys! I'm not sure if it's the rapid career shift, dental school apps, family tousles, or just something in the air...but August has been hard. If I'm being honest...most of my days have been spent in PJs barely wanting to move while trudging through necessary tasks. Work gets done, but I'm just exhausted.
Travel / 18.08.2015

A few weeks ago, Dan and I were lucky enough to witness our dear friends, Steve and Anna, tie the knot up in Lake Geneva and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Like any normal Friday afternoon, traffic leaving the city was atrocious and after 3 hours in the car we were in desperate need of a drink...which we got almost immediately thanks to both 240 West AND Steve and Anna's welcome package. **Note to self: put together an adorable welcome bag for wedding guests; reading their story, looking at the weekend itinerary and enjoying snacks & a cold brew upon our arrival certainly made us feel welcome.