Business, Series / 06.08.2015

After writing a post on a downer topic like debt management, I figured that it was time to focus on something fun again, like investing apps! Because so much of our lives are centered around our phones & mobile apps, I figured now is a good a time as any to share my three favorite investment apps and what I like about each of them. Though these are my favorites, it's important to choose an app that you understand and that helps you meet your goals. The three I'll focus on today are:
Personal, Series / 05.08.2015

What does one do when your content calendar goes awry? Apparently, the best thing I could think of was to write about my extremely embarrassing and ever-present phobia. As many of my long-time readers might know, I have had an irrational fear of birds for as long as I can remember...all birds...but in particular chickens and pigeons. Fact: I can’t even touch raw poultry without shaking; I have to use tongs.
Decor, Travel / 04.08.2015

A few days ago, I read an article in the New York Times and it really resonated with me. It made me question how I stay cultured and wary of how I approach learning opportunities. I can easily picture myself racing around a museum trying to see the meaning in 2,500 paintings within a two hour period of time... we've all been there, right?! Hurry, let's run and catch a glimpse of EVERY painting in the museum this afternoon before grabbing dinner! Sure, I've seen Nighthawk dozens of times, but have I really looked at it? Do I know about the brushstrokes or the hues of yellow that come off the street lamp? Absolutely not. That is where this article comes into play.
Food and Drink / 03.08.2015

A few weeks back, Ashley invited me to join her as she sampled some of Chop Chicago's most notorious dishes and I, of course, jumped at the chance to try the brand new South Loop steakhouse. It had been several weeks since I'd seen Ashley and catching up over delicious cocktails was certainly a bonus. Before going inside we took a few minutes to walk around the Roosevelt Collection Shops, which I had never seen before---it's gorgeous over there! Hidden amongst traditional shops, I found a sweet dog boutique and it took almost all of my restraint to avoid buying Payton yet another sweater. Once I had thoroughly tortured myself looking at all of the adorable collars and jerseys I could buy for Payton, Ashley and I decided it was time to eat.
Series / 16.07.2015

invest-one By now, hopefully I've gotten a few of you excited about investing your savings; however, as exciting as investing can be, you need to have some spare cash before you can get started and unfortunately, most millenials are saddled with debt.  Even though this post is much, much, much less fun than the post about brokerages, I hope it will give you the ability and motivation to eliminate your monthly debt payments. Currently, as millenials, our biggest source of this debt is student loans (averaging $35,000 per person for the class of 2015!) but cumulative debt can also include things like: credit cards, mortgages and medical expenses.  Whatever the source of your debt may be, it's important to know how to do tackle it.  Let’s look at few classic techniques: